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This section includes a checklist of what you need to plan, organize and prepare to conduct a 5K on City streets, parks, and/or sidewalks. 

PLEASE NOTE:   5K and/or Road Race Event applicants must be 21 years of age or older, and the application must be submitted at least three days prior to rental of a facility. Facilities may be booked up to one year in advance.


Click HERE for a PDF of the checklist

  • Identify desired date(s), time, and race course for your event. The courses on the bottom of this checklist are suggested, but you may create a course on existing city sidewalks/trails. A map of existing sidewalks in the City of Virginia is available online at http://arcg.is/1zz8zi.

  • Determine whether you will rent a park building or pavilion for the event. Rental of at least one facility is suggested. For more about rentals, read the City’s “Park & Recreation Rental Policy.

  • Determine whether you will use tents (must be free-standing) on public property for the event.

  • Determine whether you will have a first-aid station for participant use on race day.

  • Determine whether you or vendors will sell liquor on-site as a part of your event.

    • Please note:  If liquor is sold, liquor licensing and insurance regulations must be met.

  • Determine if you wish the race course to be closed to the public during the event.

    • Please note:  The city council must approve if a park, trail, or sidewalk is closed for an exclusive use for which an admission is required.

  • Prepare a letter, map of race course, and a copy of the “Application for Use of City of Virginia Park Facility.” Submit these materials to Pamela LaBine at plabine@virginiamn.us or at the address below.

Pamela LaBine, City Clerk

City of Virginia

327 South 1st Street

Virginia, MN  55792

  • The City of Virginia will review your application.

    • The Parks & Recreation Department will review facility availability on requested date(s).

    • The Parks & Recreation Department will identify whether desired activities take place fully on public property; if not, the applicant will be directed to obtain written permission from the owner(s) of any private property used.

    • The Parks & Recreation Department will review the location and size of any event tents to be placed on public property.

    • The Parks & Recreation Department director will review if the event includes consumption or sale of alcohol on public property.

    • If the event is proposed to make exclusive use of any trails or streets, the Parks & Recreation Department director will make recommendations for signage and capacity of staff/volunteers the applicant must organize for the event.

    • The Police Department will determine proper accommodations that must be made for the event (i.e. additional parking, transportation to the site, additional toilets, additional police officers or security measures).

  • Work with the City of Virginia to revise event plans, as needed.

  • Enter into a contract for facility use and/or rental.

    • Please note:  A waiver of liability must be included on the contract form. After contract completion, City administration will present the contract to the city council for consideration; requests for exclusive use of facilities or waiving fees will be presented to the council at this time.

  • Submit rental fee, damage deposit, special use fees, and fundraising fees as identified by City staff for your use.

    • Please note:  A fundraising fee may be waived by majority vote of the city council.

  • Supply a certificate of insurance to cover use of specialized equipment and facilities.

  • Provide copies of any advertising or promotion of the event to the City prior to production and distribution of materials for review by the Parks & Recreation Department.

  • Provide copies of the language supplied to and agreed to by participants of the event.

    • Please note:  The City of Virginia must be included in the indemnification clause signed by participants of the event.

View a map of existing sidewalks in the City of Virginia online at http://arcg.is/1zz8zi.

Download a copy of the Application for Use of City Park Facility (.pdf)

Download a PDF of the 5K Checklist for Event Organizers (.pdf)